31 Day Notice of Withdrawal

You can earn interest using a 31 day Notice of Withdrawal ("NOW") savings account and plan for those expected (and unexpected) expenses like a holiday, Christmas presents, rates, insurances, car expenses or birthdays. You can open more than one account, so you can even start a savings account for your children or grand children.


A savings plan or savings account is an ideal way to save for that expensive time of year or save for a holiday earning 3.00% interest p.a.*

An APS Savings NOW account is available to members and non-members of the APS Benefits Group, Australia wide. Apply NOW.

Terms and Conditions

Follow this link to review the Terms and Conditions and download the Prospectus.

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* Disclaimer

This is not a bank product, it is an unlisted deposit note. No independent assessment has been made about the risk to investors losing any of their principal investment. Applications for deposit notes can only be made on the Investment Application Form which accompanies the prospectus issued by APS Savings Ltd. Please read the prospectus carefully before deciding whether to make an investment.