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If you are a member of the APS Benefits Group

If you are a member of the APS Benefits Group and would like to invest with APS Savings Ltd, login to APS Online

Please call us on 1300 131 809 if you have forgotten your login details and/or password) or complete the Application Form in the Prospectus

If you are not a member of the APS Benefits Group

If you are not a member of the APS Benefits Group, you may still invest with APS Savings Ltd by completing the Application Form in the Prospectus or apply online by clicking here.

 To view the interest rate card effective 24 April, 2017, please download the Current Interest Rate Card.

APS Savings offers an added advantage that many financial institutions do not offer.   Interest is added to your investment monthly, and on maturity.  This gives you an even higher return.

Feel free to forward this information to any family, friends and work colleagues that may be interested.  They are also eligible to use this service.

Terms and Conditions

Follow this link to review the Terms and Conditions and download the Prospectus.

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If you have any questions please call us, or you can use this form to send your enquiry:

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This is not a bank product, it is an unlisted deposit note. No independent assessment has been made about the risk to investors losing any of their principal investment. Applications for deposit notes can only be made on the Investment Application Form which accompanies the prospectus issued by APS Savings Ltd. Please read the prospectus carefully before deciding whether to make an investment.