The APS Benefits Group - serving its members for over 110 years.

Here are many testimonials that we have received in recent years.

I wish to thank you for the almost instantaneous response in forwarding my mother a cheque to cover the funeral benefit of her husband ... I can assure you that the process is the most responsive of all organisations I have had to deal with since my father’s death and I would like to acknowledge the efforts of you and your staff in dealing with the payment. Your service was outstanding.
I would like to thank your company for the speedy and efficient manner in which you dealt with my request for the funeral benefit. Once again, APS has proved to be very reliable and professional in its manner of dealing with its members, particularly at such a sad and difficult time.

I enjoyed interacting with you, found that you complied with what I needed and gave me what I thought was great advice. I cannot see how you could improve on the way you go about your business

Thank you very much for the very swift transfer of funds you organised. This sort of service shows the high standards you maintain.

Your professionalism in advising Patti and myself in the instructions and preparation of our affairs was impeccable, not only in your understanding of the law pertaining to our personal requirements, but more important to Patti and myself, explaining in simple words that we were able to understand and make decisions on. Philip, be assured this is not often experienced by lay persons when dealing with legal matters and you were a comfort for us in your advice and our decision making.

My goodness Richard, I didn't expect that speed of service. I will sign all the docs and fill in the payment details, scan and have back to you on Monday Thanks again for your prompt attention to my return. Have a great weekend - I will knowing that my holiday is well and truly paid for!!!
I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude in saying, I have sincerely appreciated the unequalled service and assistance that your team has provided over many years of myself having been a member.

We want to thank you for your expert assistance and infinite patience you provided to us while we were buying our first home. You went above and beyond the call of duty!

I have received my tax return payment in my bank account. Thanks for your good support and service.
Just received the cheque..... Awesome service as always! Thanks Richard!
Thanks so much for that invaluable Personal and Estate Planning Information document. What a great idea, and much appreciated.

We have been very happy with all your services and the way the drawing up of our will has been handled.

We have noted your change of address should we require your services again.

Thank you for your efficiency.
My wife and I have been members of APS Benefits for many years and have always found their service to be friendly and helpful. I was greatly encouraged to discover APS Tax and have engaged their services, for the past three fiscal years, in the processing of my annual return. Like their other services, an APS Tax return is simple prompt and professional and always secures a fair and accurate return.

I just want to say thank you very much for your help on this application. The speed and efficiency was amazing compared with previous dealings with the big banks. I think we’ll have to look at moving our mortgage over!
I can not thank you enough for your compassion and understanding in the handling and payment of my brother’s funeral benefit. Your professionalism eliminated the stress and worry of any financial burden.
I have had my Tax Assessment completed by APS Tax for the past 2 years. I have found Richard and his team to be very professional and efficient with my returns. They always ensure I am receiving my correct entitlement even when I miss items myself. I would not hesitate to recommend Richard and his team for your Assessments.
I have used APS Tax for the past three years and have always found their service incredibly fast and reliable. After using them the first time for my Tax Return I was impressed by both their efficiency and customer service and I have continued to use them since. I would definitely recommend them

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