Top-Up Loans

Loan Redraw / Top-Up Procedure

To redraw on your loan, either
a) Go to APS Online on our website –


Login to your account, view your L3 loan details, look for a blue button marked “credit external” and follow the prompts); or
b) Email a request to providing your member number, full name and the amount of the top-up (or state 'maximum'). Minimum withdrawal amount $250 (including $50 top-up fee).

We will deposit funds into your existing account unless otherwise notified.

This facility is only available for existing Everyday Webloans with an eligible line of credit facility and an account number ending in L3, L3.1, L3.2, etc. This is not available for loan accounts ending in L1, L4, L5, L6 or L7. 

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Repayment Calculator

Use our Repayment Calculator to estimate your repayment commitment. 

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